Looking for staff to strengthen your project or team?

What can Freestone mean for you?

Whether it is project sourcing or recruitment and selection, freelancers or employees you are looking for, for your short or long term assignments.

We are happy to support you in your search for the right expert, whether you are a builder, project developer, construction company, ... and regardless of whether you are active in the private or public sector.

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Type of jobs:

  • Project Manager Construction
  • Advisor Construction
  • Site manager
  • Site coordinator
  • Construction coordinator
  • Project Officer
  • Calculator
  • Purchaser
  • Work Planner
  • Technical Draftsman
  • ...
We can offer opportunities at every level: for young professionals or experienced operational and strategic profiles, whether or not at management level. Veerle Hanssens - Senior Recruiter


In order to fill the vacancies of our customers, we can rely on a network of specialists, both internal and external.

Because our own experts share their knowledge with each other on a regular basis, they always stay up-to-date and learn from each other's best practices.

  • Design
  • Study work
  • Project management
  • Calculations
  • Site monitoring, site supervision
  • Drawing
  • ...


There are many ways of cooperating with Freestone.

Depending on your project, you need less or more experienced profiles. Freestone recruits junior, medior and senior profiles.

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Freestone is looking for talent. And whether the candidate is a freelancer or an employee, that does not matter much to us.

There is the possibility that the candidate enters into an employee contract or in the case of a freelancer, a service agreement with Freestone. We can then outsource this candidate for your project. (= Project Sourcing)

If you want the candidate to be employed directly by you, that is of course also possible (= Recruitment & Selection)

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That is for you to decide. Freestone is looking for construction professionals for client assignments. Some assignments are short term, others are long term.

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What kind of candidate do you need for your project? Is it more of a junior support profile, or a more experienced manager? Besides the junior/senior distinction, we also make the distinction between operational and more strategic profiles.

This can range from site follow-up to full project management to bring a new building or renovation to a successful conclusion.

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If we are looking for the right candidate within the framework of a client assignment, then this is often in the form of "project sourcing".

This means that the candidate will sign a contract with Freestone (as an employee on our payroll, or as a freelancer) and that person will carry out the assignment at/for our client.

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Some clients would like to recruit a new professional to strengthen their team. Freestone will look for the suitable candidate for them. If the client recruits this candidate on their own payroll, then we speak of "Recruitment & Selection".

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Looking for the right candidate?

With our knowledge and expertise in house, we understand perfectly which candidate you need to follow up your construction project or to reinforce your team.

Why would you entrust Freestone with this assignment? Besides the fact that we have obtained the quality label of Federgon for Project Sourcing, there are many other reasons.

Contact us (without obligation) and find out what we can do for you.