Martijn's duties are very varied. In modular construction, he was the first point of contact for client, architect and contractors. In this respect, he was responisble for the planning, united all parties when necessary, followed-up the construction and informed the client.

He was also responsible for the complete "facility design" of the units. This includes network clocks, coffee facilities, waste management, network, electricity facilities, evacuation plans and evacuation facilities.

After the final move, the Facility Management of the modular construction was transferred to the facility helpdesk. This helpdesk can only function through a correct as-built plan, which Martijn could deliver without any problems.

Only then did the actual renovation work begin. During the renovation project, Martijn updated management every two weeks. They were informed of the budgetary and planned evolution. In addition, he updated Autocad plans on a daily basis, something that came in handy with his Autocad skills.

Because the process went so smoothly, Daikin decided to renovate more departments and so Martijn's assignment was extended.

During my assignment I acquire knowledge in very different domains contributing to my further professional development. Every day I am confronted with new challenges. This keeps me highly motivated. It's nice to know I can count on the professionals at Freestone for any advice when necassary. Martijn Loosvelt - Freestone People


  • Customer: Daikin

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