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  • Assignment: Development of Bpost's Proptech strategy: Archibus evaluation & IT Solutions implementation plan
  • Period: 12/2020 - 10/2021
  • Location: Brussel
  • Project size: Department Service Operations (Real Estate & Infrastructure, Facility Services, Shared Services, Security)

Evaluation of current IWMS

Our assignment at Bpost started by evaluating whether their current IWMS (Archibus) meets the requirements of a backbone and whether it can/should be retained.

(In Internet terminology, a backbone is a system of high-speed computer connections that carries the data traffic of the networks connected to the backbone. A connected network may itself have a backbone..)
Bpost picture 1

First, the requirements and evaluation criteria were determined, and then the requirements were assessed from four points of view:

Bpost picture 2
Comparing Archibus with other IWMS on the market
Bpost picture 3


Considering all the different perspectives, we could conclude that for Bpost Archibus is still the right Backbone. Archibus has sufficient connectivity to other point solutions that can improve leanness in specific business processes. However, decisions to use point solutions will be subject to a standardized "decision model".

The new vision is to make property and facility management future-proof, and to use IWMS as an open application platform:

Determine Proptech strategy with implementation plan

In a second part of the assignment, Freestone mapped out all functional requirements of all departments within Service Operations, to prioritize them and to come to a concrete implementation plan for 2022.

In order to draw up an implementation plan, Freestone took a number of factors into account:

Bpost picture 4

All functional requirements were determined, using interviews, a template and workshops, in order to know their short-, medium- and long-term future needs.

In this way, the amount of functional requirements that each department needed soon became clear.

Bpost picture 5

All these functional requirements were also subdivided into clusters, in order to be able to group contents, draw conclusions and make analyses.

After coordination with the Archibus provider
, we were also able to determine which requirements could be accommodated in Archibus and which could rather be developed by a Point Solution.

Implementation plan

With all this information, an implementation plan could be drawn up, a roadmap for the next three years.

Bpost picture 6
Roadmap until 2024

However, it was important for Bpost to have a concrete plan, with a focus on the upcoming budget year 2022.

Additional priorities therefore had to be set within the above plan in order to arrive at a feasible and realistic plan.

Evaluatin matrix

In order to be able to prioritise objectively, an evaluation matrix was drawn up, in which weight was given to a number of criteria that the functional requirements within the clusters had to satisfy.

Bpost picture 7

Based on this evaluation matrix, we could then draw up a realistic plan for the 2022 scope.


Curious about how Freestone can also help your organisation with an analysis of your current IWMS system, or an analysis of all the requirements, in order to come to a concrete plan for implementation?