Freedom of choice and personal values

“To understand why companies find it so hard to find the right candidates these days, it makes sense to highlight the prospective employee's perspective. The war for talent is not new. In the candidate's perspective, we notice a growing individualization in which people value optimum freedom of choice. This is fueled by scarcity of new competencies and specific expertise. We can afford to look for a challenge optimally safeguarding our personal growth. The "I" prevails over the collective. In addition to freedom of choice, meaning becomes increasingly important. People are looking for a choice that matches their ethical values. This makes corporate identity all the more important. For Freestone, as a project-related one-stop shop, this is fairly easy; a diverse job offer is embedded in our DNA. We are always looking for new opportunities. "

Freedom of choice requires maneuverability

“A range of multiple projects naturally requires great maneuverability. People often have to adjust and lear to be flexible. It is in no way a story of mere rights and requirements. In the long term we will move more towards a "hollywood model". Just like a film project, a job is tailored with the right roles. Once finished, a new story begins. That also explains the growing project and freelance market. Candidates must be prepared to move away from employer security and grow into job security. Another concept that is fairly evident in our industry: employees are deployed per project and are not tied to a specific company."

Safeguarding the collective element

“The search for a rare bird is becoming increasingly difficult for employers. Does it make sense to recruit someone with isolated expertise who will leave only after a few years? Close and sustainable partnerships with expert organizations ensure a win-win story. Candidates retain their freedom of choice, while companies can find the solutions for their specific, temporary needs guaranteed. Projects are becoming increasingly complex. Outsourcing is therefore no longer a matter of saving costs, but of pure necessity. Real unburdening lies in continuing to enter into flexible, but permanent partnerships. ”

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