Our added value to you

Enjoy the advantages of working for Freestone!

  • Expertise group: Both our in-house experts and colleagues who work externally for clients share their business cases and best practices so that they can learn from each other's projects, regardless of the sector in which they work.
  • Life-long learning: Quality is of paramount importance to us. Every Freestoner stays on top of the market through training and further education within our Freestone Academy.
  • Personal: Freestone looks for projects that match your ambitions and expertise.
  • Opportunities: Freestone opens doors and creates opportunities with strong companies
  • Flexibility: Full-time or part-time job, for a fixed or indefinite period, as a freelancer or employee? You name it, we got it!
Freestone is op zoek naar JOU

Wij zoeken talent met ervaring in / kennis van....

  • Real Estate management
    • Commerciële en strategische vastgoedprofielen
  • Building management
    • Bouwcoördinatie
    • Cost controlling
    • Werfbegeleiding
  • Facility management
    • Hard en soft services
    • Werkplekorganisatie
  • Change management
    • Transitie van facilitaire en vastgoedorganisaties
  • Security management
    • Bescherming van personen, gebouwen en data
  • Aankoop
    • Facilitaire spend
  • Architectuur
    • Interieur en exterieur
  • Engineering
    • Bouwtechnieken
  • Proptech (Property Technology)
    • FMIS, BIM, GIS, …

Op zoek naar een voltijdse of deeltijdse job,

voor bepaalde of onbepaalde duur,

als freelancer of bediende,

bij Freestone of geoutsourced bij één van onze klanten?